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Canister AlBlElKl P3 combination cartridge

Description du produit

Description : Housing made of solid and resistant plastic material. Click fit system for safety and perfect fit on the mask or halfmask Coconuts charcoal inpregnated for a high quality and safe level offiltration. Excellent absorbent capability. Perfect shape to allow a great vision in all situation The P3 media is a mechanical filtration type,
with fiberglass pleated paper.
Range : reusable APR
Use : against toxics gases relevant for the A B E K classification on the EN 141 standard and for the Particules filter, P3 following the EN 143 Chigh efficiency filter
Features and benefits : bi-filter structure, service life, work facilitated for user, optimal period use, safety and lasting protection, easy ventilation, durable product quality and efficiency
Filter : T series
Condition : can be used in places where the oxygene concentration is safely upper 17%
Certification : EN 14387 Declaration of conformity INSPEC 1001581